Important information about Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of an online buying and selling stores for video games by the name Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and CIO of OPSkins. The company is known for its development of secure and transparent games.

Malcolm CasSelle interview insights

CasSelle goes ahead to say that the idea of the creation of WAX, was generated from the experienced team which he had worked with while still at OPSkins. The team had succeeded in a short time. In about two years, the company had become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. They looked at the future and so a decentralized marketplace. They realized that the blockchain could solve so many issues affecting micro-transactions in the world. They then decided for opening WAX.

Malcolm CasSelle continues the interview by explaining how he brings ideas to his mind. Mr. CasSelle says that whenever he has a plan, he quickly shares the idea out to all the people he knows that they have similar interests. This allows them to exchange ideas while still talking. Due to the back and forth arguments, and exchange of ideas, a clear picture of the desired idea is conceived in his mind. This when acted upon, brings about great results to his company.

The best strategy of Malcolm CasSelle is that he works with the brightest people who have similar interests as him. He ensures that they look at generating new things that other people or other industries out there do not have. He insists that he and his team work very hard to ensure that they avoid completion from other companies. This is because competition brings about loss.

Life of Malcolm CasSelle

CasSelle holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also has a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. He learned how to speak Japanese and Mandarin to help him when doing business with people speaking the language

He has worked for a very long time in the computer industry. He actively started his work in the year 1995 where he was a co-founder of CTO of NetNoir which was one of the first media production websites focused on Afrocentric culture.


Malcolm CasSelle is a creative person and full of knowledge. He is ever determined in achieving the best in the computer industry.


Jeremy Goldstein: Taking Law to the next level

Sometimes life hits us hard and we need a lawyer to help immediately and having to sort through countless options of attorney’s while checking their credentials should not add on more hardship to whatever you’re going through already. Read more:  Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

Recently New York State’s Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral & Information Service announced that they will be unveiling a new service that will allow individuals to quickly and accurately find the right type of attorney for their situation by visiting or by calling the LRIS.

This service is not just great for regular citizens, but the attorney’s benefit as well., the company behind this service stated that with the ability to give people greater ease to their services, the ability to find new clients has become easier and more cost effective. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

How does this service work? It’s quite easy, all you have to do is go on their website and fill out a questionnaire that will assist you in choosing the right attorney for your case, don’t worry these are 100% free.

Any actions made to contact a lawyer would result in a $35 fee unless your case is a matter of personal injury, social security or veteran affairs.

An attorney excited about this new process is Jeremy L. Goldstein who with his law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates specializes in compensation committees and corporate governance matters as well as many more.

Jeremy L. Goldstein has shown tremendous professionalism and results during his time as an attorney for other New York-based law firms.

Mr. Goldstein is widely revered for his success in his participation of transactions with some of the largest companies in the world such as Chevron, Texaco and AT&T wireless service. Jeremy Goldstein also currently holds a chair in the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the American bar association.

Stevie Richie Looks At The Road Ahead

Every great company that is able to build a huge customer base is going to be one that has a great leader in front of it. For Steve Ritchie the journey that he has with Papa John’s as the CEO is going to be a long one. He has never been in a CEO position before Papa John’s, but he has risen in the ranks through this company and shown that he was able to succeed in the franchise business. Now he will have the job of overseeing the entire company, and he knows that winning back the trust of the consumers is a big part of his new job.

The thing that makes Steve Ritchie Papa John’s a great choice for a job like this is his ability to pinpoint the problem area and make adjustments to change the course of what is happening in the pizza franchise that was once on top. It is wise for him to look at a problem that exists and make amends with those that have felt out of touch with Papa Johns.

When you arrive in a CEO position such as this you know that you have your work cut out for you. There is going to be work in marketing and reestablishing the brand. Consumers obviously were already fans of the food choices and menu items that were available. This is not where the problem was found. What Steve Ritchie realizes is that there are consumers that have a different perception of what Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) is about today. This comes at a dangerous time where the competition is getting so much stronger with rival Pizza franchise companies.

Things are heating up as fast food competitors lower prices and other Pizza franchises are bringing forth meal deals as well. Steve Ritchie knows that as the CEO he has a tremendous amount of work because he has to re-establish the brand before he can compete. There is no need to look for ways to lower the cost of meals and get cheaper meal deals if your brand has been tarnished. Richie realizes that it is going to take a new direction to totally reinvent this brand.

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Pemex And Talos Energy Forming Historic And Potentially Lucrative Partnership

Pemex and Talos Energy still have quite a bit to get done before they finalize agreements on drilling and producing oil and gas from a deposit in the Gulf of Mexico, but they are well on their way to completion. Recently, Talos Energy discovered a large deposit of oil that is believed to extend all the way into a block that is operated by the Mexican state-run oil company Pemex. If this is the case, the 2 companies will be working closely together to maximize production of the site and increase production capabilities as much as possible.

Pemex has been producing disappointing numbers when it comes to the oil and gas that they have been able to extract from their drilling sites, but the new discovery by Talos Energy may change all of that for them very soon. While it’s not a for sure thing, initial data shows that there is a very good chance that the reserves in the area are very considerable and will be producing oil and gas for many years to come. Both companies are excited about the historic partnership and look forward to working together.

One of the biggest issues to be addressed is the type of infrastructure that will be needed for the project. Talos Energy and Pemex expect that several platforms will need to be produced in order to maximize the production capabilities of the area. This process is expected to be time-consuming due to the 500 feet depths of  water in the area. While it may take time, it will allow the companies to make many decisions concerning the project. The CEO of Talos Energy is expecting the drilling in the area to begin in November. In 2023, it is predicted that the site will be able to produce 150,000 barrels a day.

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Neurocore: Changing the Future of Cognitive Science

Neurocore is a brain training performance center that specializes in helping individuals overcome mental ailments and increased mental acuity. It was founded in 2004 to address the growing needs of their target population. At this time there are nine centers located in Michigan and Florida. The company has developed new techniques that have experienced remarkable success with their clientele. This success has quickly skyrocketed them into the spotlight as an authority on brain training exercises and applied neuroscience. It is an exciting time for the company as it continues to expand. The company has the expressed the desire to continue that expansion and help individuals all over the nation. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore works with the concept of neurofeedback brain performance training. They have all of their clients complete a diagnostic assessment that will help them discover their unique cognitive needs. Using a 30-session system, practitioners can assist their patients through the process in a noninvasive, unique, and drug-free way. Clients are given the opportunity to work through their problems in a way that will benefit them. Instead of moving through the process at their doctor’s pace, they are given the opportunity to fully participate in the healing process. This method is useful in helping individuals who are battling depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, stress, memory problems, and even ADHD.


Neurocore’s include both the use of biofeedback training and neurofeedback training. Biofeedback training is unique because it is designed to help the client reduce their blood pressure and cortisol levels. They do this through a series of deep breathing exercises that increase the oxygen flow in their body. This increased oxygen will improve their overall mood and sense of well-being. Neurofeedback is different because the individuals are simply viewing a movie. This movie is rigged to an EEG machine that is hooked to the client. When the client has a spike in brainwave activity the video is paused. Eventually, the brain will learn this and start compensating for this behavior. The neurofeedback session will eventually teach the client to operate without these brain spikes and reduce other cognitive symptoms. Truly, the work that is being conducted at Neurocore is slated to change the future for many individuals. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

How Richard Liu Qiangdong Rose To Fame With


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of, China’s largest e-commerce platform. The company’s current net worth stands boldly at $57.6 billion. Additionally Richard Liu personal net worth stands at $11 billion as depicted by Forbes.

JD .com has many stakeholders including the business giants, Walmart, who recently increased their shares to twelve percent. also invested $397 million in Farfetch last year. This investment was a mutual partnership that was created to capitalize on the two businesses outreach in China with their vast experience in the fashion and luxury industry.

In 1996, Richard Liu Qiangdong earned his degree in Sociology from the reputed Renmin University of China after graduation. He also spends a better part of his time perfecting on his computer software programming skills through various freelance coding.

He, later on, furthered his degree by joining China Europe International Business School (CEIB) where he earned an EMBA. He was then on hired by Japan Life, a health product company where he served in various positions for a two-year tenure. While here, he also served as the director of business and computers. See This Page for additional information.

Richard Liu decided to start his business venture in 1998 where he opened an outlet in Beijing selling magneto-products. The shop was named Jingdong, a name he came about with after combining the last characters of his girlfriend’s name and his own. This outlet then grew to expand to other 12 stores. However, his business was threatened by the SARS outbreak that forced many customers to remain indoors during that year.

This outbreak forced Richard Liu Qiangdong to reconsider his physical business model. Consequently, was conceived in 2004. The business picked up well, and he decided to close all his brick-and-mortar stores respectively in 2005 to focus on e-commerce. With fully functional, Liu was able to reach thousands of consumers online, selling high-quality consumables and electronic products. Today, has grown beyond imagination, and it deals with almost all types of products from grocery to electronics and much more.


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The Reasons Companies Choose to Work with CloudWick

In the business world, data is an essential element for making informed decisions. It is possible for collection efforts to produce a significant amount of data. A company will need help developing a streamlined process to handle the amount, speed and types of data it utilizes as well as having cybersecurity.


These are consultants with the knowledge and experience necessary to help a company create a process to get analytical insight based on the data they have accumulated. This could involve using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a current data warehouse. CloudWick knows how to disperse Data Lake Foundation. These consultants are able to use their expertise with big data to utilize many resources provided by AWS. They also know how to benefit from the services provided by tool vendors as well as third-party ISVS.

Data Lake Foundation

CloudWick makes it possible for an organization to collect more data and provides more ways to do things with it. Data Lake Foundation can hold significant amounts of raw data in a structured as well as unstructured format. It can then be accessed when needed. When using Data Lake Foundation, it is not necessary to determine every possible use of the data prior to acquiring it.

CDL Technology Partner Program

CloudWick created the first neural security system of intelligence for cybersecurity in the world. It is known as CDL. The company has also developed a technology partner program for CDL. This program provides certification, sales opportunities, support as well as develop marketing and more. This program has been designed to accelerate the growth of a business. CDL is able to analyze, store, capture network telemetry data. It can then provide a data scientist or cybersecurity vendor a way to democratize the data.

CDL Role

An increasing number of companies and organizations are becoming interested in the advanced security technologies associated with using CDL. It has a proven ability to neutralize some of the most complex security threats. CDL is an important part of helping those who use it to achieve their cybersecurity goals. This includes analytic tools, security threat detection, integration of advanced automation and more.

CloudWick is an industry leader. It provides bimodal digital business solutions as well as services. CloudWick is able to assist data-driven organizations to move their business forward and get a competitive advantage.

The Origin Of OSI Group

OSI Group is the largest food company in the world. It is also a company that is committed to meeting the needs of the people at all times. This company has a presence in 17 countries where they are trying to make their operations as swift as possible. The leadership of the company spearheads the efforts that are being made to make the operations of the company global.

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the company, and he is ready to take the company to all corners of the world. The company has built 65 plants in different locations to meet the needs of the market.

Read more: OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

The origin

OSI Group began in 1909 a butcher shop. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of the company, was a German immigrant living in Chicago. He set up a meat business which did very well over time, attracting the attention of very many people in the world. The butcher shop developed into a fully fledge wholesale business, and he even invited his two sons to the company. They named it Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons did very well until it transitioned into OSI Group in the 1970s. It is the foundation created by the former that has made this company to be in this position.

The McDonald’s

The success story of OSI cannot be complete without mentioning about the role of the McDonald’s in its growth. When the restaurants’ franchise opened its first restaurant in Illinois, it hired Otto & Sons as the suppliers of meat products. The McDonald’s picked up very fast, and the need for more meat products was created. Otto & Sons had to expand to meet the demand for food products that as coming from their client. It is at this time that they built the first production plant in Chicago.

The international expansion of OSI Group would start in the mid-1970s. There was a need to make the business international, to follow in the footsteps of the McDonald’s. It is at this point where the company incorporated Sheldon Lavin in the management of the company. He was experienced enough to know the direction the company needs to take.

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GreenSky Bluegrass: The Band Taking On An Acoustic Approach To Rock & Roll

With the sweet strums of a dobro and guitar, the steady rhythm of a banjo and upright bass and the gentle hums of a mandolin, a classic bluegrass band is undoubtedly something melodious, if not enticing and inviting. While the rest of the world moves in the direction of heavy electronic music mixed with digital sounds, GreenSky Bluegrass is a group of artist who decided to go in a different direction and divulge into the acoustic realm of rock & roll.

Being able to redefine sound has always been one of the main priorities of the band, and coming together to be able to reach that goal is something that not a lot of artists can achieve. Comprised of Anders Beck on dobro, Michael Arlen Bont on banjo, Dave Bruzza on guitar, Mike Devol on upright bass and Paul Hoffman on mandolin, the band has been able to create a range of sounds and melodies that have managed to captivate audiences across the country.

Recently, GreenSky Bluegrass came forward to announce that they would be releasing their sixth studio album, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted, a collection of melodies that are anything but conventional. GreenSky Bluegrass has given hints on multiple occasions about the intricacies of the music that they created in this album, showcasing a full range of dark and light music, complete with psychedelic music, diverse soundscapes, vivid improvisation and a lot more. The record is a perfect culmination of the skill, musical talent and overall creativity of every member of the band.

The live shows that this band has performed at are also an embodiment of the creative genius of each member of the band. Dave Bruzza, one of the members of the band, went on to state that the reason for this is because they want to make every show experience for the people coming to watch them. To them, what they showcase is not only about the music. It is about the performance as a whole.

Fans all over have surely been impressed by the presence of GreenSky Bluegrass on stage and in the studio. The recent sold-out show at Red Rocks was a perfect example showcasing the brilliance of these creative minds, and their ability to captivate audiences with their music and performance.

The Career Life of Shiraz Boghani

Meet Shiraz Boghani who works as the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani got honored by the Asian Business Awards 2016 with the Hotelier of the year award for his determination and consistent as a hospitality management expert. Boghani moved from Kenya to the United Kingdom in 1969. After reaching in the U.K., Boghani joined an accountant firm of the Chartered Accountants and trained as an accountant. Later on, the individual founded the Splendid Hospitality hotels group that runs over 23 significant private hotels in the U.K. Among the hotels managed by the group include the Conran London St James, Hilton London Backside, York and Holiday Inn London, and the Grand Hotel and Spa. Recently, Boghani launched the New Ellington in Leeds and Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel. The individual is also the president of the Sojourn. Visit

Shiraz Boghani is a principal supporter of the Ismaili Community not just in the U.K. but the world as a whole. Boghani serves as an adviser and member of the Ismaili Community Studies. The institution teaches the history of the Ismaili Community to the community members and supports the Muslim culture. The institution launched a significant library that has reference material used in the entire world. Boghani is a firm supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation, the founder of the Ismaili Studies. The foundation is the UK-based charity organization.

Shiraz Boghani showed appreciation for the great achievement. The individual noted that his business life is about hotel management and hospitality. Also, Boghani recognized the efforts of Splendid family and the management team for the significant support. Under the leadership of Bohani, Splendid Hospitality is the first privately-owned hotel group that is developing at a higher rate. Read more on

When Shiraz Boghani realized an opportunity to provide medical care, he began Sussex Healthcare. The institution takes care of the old people by giving a healthy life in the community. We bring in old people who have no one to take care of them at their homes. The institution now operates in more than 20 homes with 500-bed spaces around Sussex. Besides taking care of the old people, we treat various diseases, like neurological condition, brain injuries, depression, and some cancer.