Norman J. Pattiz Taps the Untapped-Media Potential

PodcastOne along with the Edison Research carried out some study to help understand the market trend and reception. The research was based on five major consumer brands in different categories and product line. This would help establish and access the impact of the Podcast advertising during the pre and post-campaign period.


Pleasantly the conclusion arrived at from the research showing positive implication of the advertising. About 60% listener exhibited awareness of a certain grocery brand up from the 7% prior study. Product awareness rose to 47% in financial services, 37% in automobile aftermarket Product and 24% lawn and garden product. To validate the results and findings, the Edison Research had carried out three independent study series all relating to the effectiveness of the brands. Norman Pattiz in affirming the accuracy of the data says the multi-tiered approach incorporates advertising tools and its measurement.


Tom Webster, the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research expresses enthusiasm in the active partnership with PodcastOne. He is of the opinion that methods used in assessing podcast advertising were a SMART way prior and preceded the campaign.


About Norman Pattiz

The Forbes Magazine gave him two coveted titles in 2016; the key to his money making media and Pattiz’s celebrity-infused greatest hits. Norman is the proud founder and executive leader for the PodcastOne. PodcastOne has been linked with top personalities such as Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, and Heather Dubrow among others. He also owns the Westwood One who runs the Summer Olympic Games, NCAA Basketball, and NFL Football. CBS News, NBS radio networks among others. This media guru also operates the Courtside Entertainment Group since 2010 with the core purpose to give high-quality content programming.


In response to his tireless contribution to the media industry, Norman Pattiz has been appointed twice to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by President Clinton in 2000 and 2002. The board is the overall governing body for other media houses in the US and Middle East countries where they have expanded both in radio and television.


The legend received the Giants of Broadcasting Honorary Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. He has served in various institutions and organizations among them; the University of California, Council of Foreign Relations, Pacific Council, Broadcast Education Association, Los Alamos National Security Laboratories, etc. Norman has grown his Media company to be the most recognized network and to be ranked among world leaders.


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Marc Sparks Has Inspired Many

Marc Sparks, an entrepreneur from Dallas, believed in a spirit that helped him far more than any university would ever offer. He began to work right out of high school. His ability to combine his love for God and business into a career that has been extremely successful. This is how he did it. Learn more:


The company called Timber Creek Capital was his largest accomplishment in his career. He began the company to help other entrepreneurs to have a place to work and grow in their own career. It trains and helps entrepreneur with everything from legal issues to banking and web design. It also covered networking amongst the people that use the location for guidance and mentorship.


Marc Sparks has also helped countless other companies to get ahead in their endeavors. His goal has always been to get ahead by being the visionary of each company. Some of those companies are not well known.


– Splash Media

– Cobalt Real Estate Services

– Blue Jay Wireless

– Cardinal Telecom LLC

– Bonn Oir Company

– Boxstart LLC

– Agency Matrix

– Reliant Healthcare


The most well loved company that he worked to create was called Marc Food Delivery. It has been well loved in the Dallas area. As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks has blazed a trail for those behind him. While being a venture capitalist is risky, he has always taught the way to do it safely.


His work in philanthropy has always been pronounced as well. He has worked with Habitat for Humanity to help people that have been unable to buy a home, finally live in a home of their own. This type of work has been used overlooked so often by other entrepreneurs. Most are extremely selfish and wouldn’t be bothered to help others. Learn more:


He began a non-profit group called American Can! Academy, that had the goal of making sure that every child at risk in the USA has access to a laptop. This has led to countless other young entrepreneurs in the making. Along with other endeavors, this has been a wonderful addition to his career, and one to be proud of. It can save a child from a life in poverty.


Marc Sparks also wrote a book for those that wanted to learn about his methods for success. He is so capable of doing it all with the slightest effort, his work was well respected by those that have bought the book. It has served as a source of inspiration for many people, the world over. His work in philanthropy, mentorship and hard work ethics, centered around his belief in God, has made him everything that he is today. Learn more:


An Ecological Mindset Can Make Everything Better

The 1980s were all about ecology. Kids raised in that period were among the first generation to really feel like they had a responsibility to make the world a cleaner and healthier place. The idea of living in harmony with nature instead of dominating it had certainly been around before. But children of that period were among the first to have it be a cultural assumption. It’s little wonder then that adults today are looking for ways that their own families can have fun while also looking out for the environment. To celebrate nature without hurting it. Learn more:


A new type of vacation called ecological tourism seeks to do just that. Ecotourism is a new way of using travel as a way to have fun, celebrate nature, learn a few things and in the end leave things better than they had been before the trip. This might seem like a tall order at first. However, a few companies are making it their business to fulfill this promise to prospective clients. Learn more:


One of the most successful is a group called Wild Ark. The organization came about for a variety of different reasons. There’s two which stand out among all the others though. The first is a dedication to the protection of biodiversity. Wild Ark is, as the name suggests, a way of creating a social ark in which all the animals of the world can be protected. The second most notable goal has to do with the people who sign up with them. Wild Ark is dedicated to helping people spark their own sense of dedication to nature. They help people realize just how amazing nature can be and how everyone can help to protect it.


This is done through ecotourism packages which are carefully centered around different people’s needs. For example, the Botswana mobile tented safaris are designed to be a perfect family outing. Children as young as twelve can join in on the adventure as the family treks over some of the most beautiful and bio diverse areas of Africa. In doing so, the family and Wild Ark are able to help fund local efforts to protect the very animals that people are able to see for themselves. It’s a unique way of not just appreciating exotic ecologists, but also protecting it.

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