Mike Baur: Mentoring digital startups

Mike Baur is one individual who is working on changing the lives of young entrepreneurs in Switzerland and the world all over. Mike is the founder of the biggest and an independently owned startup company in the world. The company, known as Swiss Startup Factory, is the best option for any entrepreneur who has good business ideas but is blank on how to go about implementation. According to Mike Baur, many businesses in the world fail within the first two years of their operation. He attributed the failure not to poor business ideas, but to poor decision making in terms of running the business. In the first few years of a business, the owner should be focused on working on the business and not working for the business, the first few years of a business are times to lay a strong foundation for the company and not the time to focus on making super normal profits.


According to Mike Baur, business owners need to focus on growing the business even before they think of how to use the money they get from the business for other ventures. Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory with the aim of helping digital startups. He started the company alongside Max Meister in 2014. Max was his friend and classmate at the Bern University. The incubator helps startup entrepreneurs with mentorship and training aimed at giving them skills and knowledge on how to run a business successfully. The company does not stop at mentorship and training. It makes another step of helping entrepreneurs with funding on top of offering then working space to start running their businesses. All this is achieved by enrolling in a 3-month entrepreneur program at SSUF.


Participants of the 3 month accelerator program are trained on how to create and market their brands in a global platform. They are also taught how to establish and maintain business networks. In business, you cannot survive on your own. It is for this reason that Mike Baur recommends that entrepreneurs should strive to establish meaningful business links. The program also teaches participants on how to establish good connections with the corporate players and investors. Investors are crucial to any business for funding purposes. Having the right partners on your side will create a likelihood of the business to achieve its long-term goals.


The role that Mike Baur plays through the activities of Swiss Startup Factory has in the last few years helped numerous entrepreneurs. The accelerator program runs twice a year.


Daniel Mark Harrison Wears the Hat of Entrepreneurial Networks

The story of Daniel Mark Harrison reflects the qualities of a good entrepreneur and leader in general. Daniel hails from a family that has been into business for decades. As the ninth generation youth, he carries with him excellent skills in management and entrepreneurship. He is an author, media contributor, entrepreneur, journalist and a head cheer leader. Daniel Mark Harrison harbors special managerial skills that better define him as a role model and mentor.

Profile of Operation

Daniel Mark Harrison is a leader at DMH&CO. This is a family business in which he leads and controls most shares. It is because of his impeccable skills in management that he has been able to operate the business that has three offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok in addition to Singapore. Daniel Mark Harrison has been gracing news headlines following his contribution to Monkey Capital. The block chain fund management has been leading in ICOs dealings. Mark Harrison has done a great job in ensuring that this business has a strong platform for trading. He is always on the verge of assisting clients by initiating proper yet reliable trading skills.

Skills in Management

Daniel Mark Harrison has won numerous titles by virtue of being on the lead of business. He has been tagged a successful entrepreneur, innovator, business professional and author among others. What better defines his character and skills in business is his ability to incorporate several ideas into one successful project. Daniel Mark Harrison authored a bestselling book called Butterfly. This book has been helpful in guiding entrepreneurs to successful ventures. In it, Daniel highlights the attitudes of young entrepreneurs and their commitment in business. He seeks to define different ideas and the circumstances surrounding these ideas.


Daniel Mark Harrison has defied many odds by choosing to stay in business even in harsh economic times. He has been helpful in mentoring young professionals. As most businesses he has established continue to flourish, he focuses on developing strong entrepreneurial networks. Mark Harrison is destined for greatness. He believes that millennials need mentors. He has, therefore, chosen to stay on course and help these people to achieve their dreams.

Things You Need to Know About Avi Weisfogel

A large number of people fail to have a good sleep and this in many cases affects the way in which they carry out their daily activities. Drinking of coffee and other things to avoid sleeping is how people try to curb sleep. It is however risky not to have enough sleep as it leads to a vast number of adverse effects, most of which point to slowness and lousy performance at the workplace. Lack of enough sleep also results in the appearance of wrinkles and other unpleasant looks on ones face.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel has played a significant role in helping people deal with their sleep issues as well as other issues related to lack of enough sleep. The highly experienced medical practitioner educates people on the various conditions that lead to one lacking rest and helps people to deal with them successfully. Dr. Avi insists that sleep apnea is the primary cause of failure to sleep and leads to more adverse effects if not addressed with immediate impact. Dr. Weisfogel insists that individuals suffering from sleep apnea ought to seek medical attention as doctors give them remedies that are effective to curb the condition.

Dr. Avi has impressed many people due to his high ability to combine dental surgery with the treatment of other conditions that are not related to his career. He has been of great help to many people with sleeping issues through the oral measures he trains them to observe, especially while retiring to their beds. The renowned medical practitioner believes that wearing specific clothing that is designed to help one sleep freely allows people with the condition deal with it efficiently. Avi has found a number of firms to help individuals with the sleeping disorders including the Dental Sleep Masters, through which he works together with other dentists to help such individuals.
Besides advocating for better measures to deal with sleep disorders, Dr. Avi also takes part in some charitable organizations due to his high dedication towards helping people live better lives. His desire to shine a light to peoples beings has seen him receive a lot of accreditation from a vast number of individuals.

Waiakea Water Leading the Way in Degradable Plastic Containers

The number of products that use plastic containers is astounding, and at some point society will pay for this overuse of a product that has historically not been kind to the environment. Most producers have traditionally concentrated on making containers stronger and providing a longer shelf life for the products instead of focusing on how to make the product more environment-friendly. That type of thinking may become a thing of the past now that the new Timeplast additive has arrived on the market and will be in the new container for the Waiakea Bottled Water Company.

The natural degradation of a current plastic bottle is estimated at around 1500 years. Using the new Timeplast additive that Waiakea will implement in their water containers beginning in 2018, that time span shortens to approximately 15 years according to the results of product testing. The impact that Timeplast will have on the industry can be enormous, and Waiakea is the first to recognize the cutting edge technology on a wholesale basis. They have historically already used all recycled plastic for all Waiakea Water containers.

The Waiakea Bottled Water Company began in 2012 with the simple notion that a great bottled water needed great water as a product base, a trait that CEO Ryan Emmons had long noticed while growing up drinking bottled water that was produced throughout Hawaii. It was just a cut above other bottled water products he had tried. The 22-yr old entrepreneur was sold on the fact that a superior product could be developed.

The water source chosen by Emmons came from a Hawaiian volcano that caught rain water and dispensed it down the slope across the mass of lava deposits that had hardened following flowing from the volcano. The lava deposits are loaded with minerals and nutrients that cannot be reproduced in any factory, resulting in a nutrient-rich water source to use in the production of Waiakea Water.

The still young Waiakea Bottled Water Company has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies across the globe after having increased in value by approximately 4000% since its inception in 2012. And, now they are set to be the first water product that is bottled in 100% recyclable plastic with a container that could literally change the entire dynamic of products that are packaged in plastic containers.

Louis Chenevert – Canadian Businessman Driving the World

Louis R. Chenevert has earned his place in the annals of Northern American technology and leadership that have greatly shaped the future. He has worked in leadership positions with many community organizations, i.e., the Smilow Cancer Hospital, the Business Council, and the U.S.–India CEO Forum/Business Roundtable.

He was an overseer for the Bushnell Theater, one of the board of directors for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. His prestigious awards included the 1997 Harrington Medal from the Quebec Quality Movement and the 1995 Nouveaux Performant.

In 2005, Louis Chenevert was inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In 2009 an Honor Award recipient from the National Building Museum, a 2011 honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal and Person of the Year from Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine.

Mr. Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur. He attended the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commericales where he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He joined United Technologies (UTC) Pratt and Whitney Canadian division in 1993, having previously worked as General Motors’ St. Thereste Production General Manager. Louis Chenevert served as the Pratt and Whitney President and COO from 1999 through the first quarter of 2006.

In 2008 he became the CEO of the UTC Corporation and its Chairman in 2010. UTC is globally known as the owner of Pratt & Whitney jet engines, Otis elevators, and the makers of the Black Hawk military helicopters. Under his leadership, UTC acquired Goodrich Corp and combined it with Hamilton Sundstrand to form UTC Aerospace Systems.

Mr. Chenevert served as the UTC CEO for over six years, then in 2015 he joined Goldman Sachs merchant banking division as its Exclusive Adviser. In this Goldman Sachs position, he will lead the way to study deals in the field of aerospace and industrial divisions.
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