Waiakea Water Leading the Way in Degradable Plastic Containers

The number of products that use plastic containers is astounding, and at some point society will pay for this overuse of a product that has historically not been kind to the environment. Most producers have traditionally concentrated on making containers stronger and providing a longer shelf life for the products instead of focusing on how to make the product more environment-friendly. That type of thinking may become a thing of the past now that the new Timeplast additive has arrived on the market and will be in the new container for the Waiakea Bottled Water Company.

The natural degradation of a current plastic bottle is estimated at around 1500 years. Using the new Timeplast additive that Waiakea will implement in their water containers beginning in 2018, that time span shortens to approximately 15 years according to the results of product testing. The impact that Timeplast will have on the industry can be enormous, and Waiakea is the first to recognize the cutting edge technology on a wholesale basis. They have historically already used all recycled plastic for all Waiakea Water containers.

The Waiakea Bottled Water Company began in 2012 with the simple notion that a great bottled water needed great water as a product base, a trait that CEO Ryan Emmons had long noticed while growing up drinking bottled water that was produced throughout Hawaii. It was just a cut above other bottled water products he had tried. The 22-yr old entrepreneur was sold on the fact that a superior product could be developed.

The water source chosen by Emmons came from a Hawaiian volcano that caught rain water and dispensed it down the slope across the mass of lava deposits that had hardened following flowing from the volcano. The lava deposits are loaded with minerals and nutrients that cannot be reproduced in any factory, resulting in a nutrient-rich water source to use in the production of Waiakea Water.

The still young Waiakea Bottled Water Company has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies across the globe after having increased in value by approximately 4000% since its inception in 2012. And, now they are set to be the first water product that is bottled in 100% recyclable plastic with a container that could literally change the entire dynamic of products that are packaged in plastic containers.