Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion is a network marketing company that is gaining worldwide attention because of their recent announcement that they were starting a new online training program. People in the marketing world are really excited about this news. Talk Fusion University will welcome all associates that are connected with Talk Fusion to their training program that is exclusively online. Furthermore, marketing expert Bob Reina, who is also the CEO of Talk Fusion will provide the training to the Talk Fusion associates that join the program.


Network Marketing Expert Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the CEO and the Founder of Talk Fusion. This network marketing expert is the perfect instructor for the program. Reina plans to share his 25 years of experience with the associates that sign up for the training program. Quite a few people are not familiar with the network marketing experts background. The fact is that Bob Reina was a police officer in Florida before branching out to direct sales or multi level marketing. During those early years in marketing, Reina developed a winning formula that led him to become one of the top earners.


Talk Fusion University

Associates that join Talk Fusion’s will gain first hand knowledge about Reina’s winning formula that led him to the number one earning spot. The training program is divided into 30 videos that lead the associates step by step through the program. The fact is that there are a multitude of programs online that are taught by so called experts. Often, the programs are very expensive and only deliver out of date information to the program participants. However, Talk Fusion University training is provided free to the Talk Fusion associates.


About Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He started the enterprise back in 2007. Talk Fusion’s ultimate goal is to provide a business opportunity for people around the world with video marketing products. Talk Fusion has improved the lives of people by providing such wonderful opportunities. Talk Fusion is one organization that truly believes in giving back to the community and the people that made Talk Fusion a success. Learn more: