An Ecological Mindset Can Make Everything Better

The 1980s were all about ecology. Kids raised in that period were among the first generation to really feel like they had a responsibility to make the world a cleaner and healthier place. The idea of living in harmony with nature instead of dominating it had certainly been around before. But children of that period were among the first to have it be a cultural assumption. It’s little wonder then that adults today are looking for ways that their own families can have fun while also looking out for the environment. To celebrate nature without hurting it. Learn more:


A new type of vacation called ecological tourism seeks to do just that. Ecotourism is a new way of using travel as a way to have fun, celebrate nature, learn a few things and in the end leave things better than they had been before the trip. This might seem like a tall order at first. However, a few companies are making it their business to fulfill this promise to prospective clients. Learn more:


One of the most successful is a group called Wild Ark. The organization came about for a variety of different reasons. There’s two which stand out among all the others though. The first is a dedication to the protection of biodiversity. Wild Ark is, as the name suggests, a way of creating a social ark in which all the animals of the world can be protected. The second most notable goal has to do with the people who sign up with them. Wild Ark is dedicated to helping people spark their own sense of dedication to nature. They help people realize just how amazing nature can be and how everyone can help to protect it.


This is done through ecotourism packages which are carefully centered around different people’s needs. For example, the Botswana mobile tented safaris are designed to be a perfect family outing. Children as young as twelve can join in on the adventure as the family treks over some of the most beautiful and bio diverse areas of Africa. In doing so, the family and Wild Ark are able to help fund local efforts to protect the very animals that people are able to see for themselves. It’s a unique way of not just appreciating exotic ecologists, but also protecting it.

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