Paul Herdsman: Professional Recruitment Plays a Critical Role in the Success of any Business

Paul Herdsman is the face behind NICE Global, the company that offers outsourced services to thousands of companies around the world. He has been at the helm of the company since its foundation. Although he has played a key role in the success of the company, Paul notes that professional recruitment has been key in the success of his company. He notes that most of the companies fail to succeed because they have a poor recruitment strategy.

According to Paul Herdsman, hiring talented employees should form the primary core of the recruitment program. Most of the employees recruited by the company should have unique and outstanding skills such that they can make a difference in the growth and development of the company. Bringing the brightest talent from the field will always keep the company on top of its game. In that regard, companies should be prepared to pay premium prices because gifted workers demand high compensation.

However, Paul Herdsman notes that talented employees are very productive and essential in the success of any company. This does not mean that companies should ignore experienced employees who have been in the same industry for many years. Paul notes that a blend of experienced and talented employees will always keep the company moving forward. Talented employees may perform magic, but experienced workers are always essential in steadying the ship when problems arise.

Paul Herdsman continues to indicate that it is important for any company to make sure that a professional recruitment strategy is in place to keep the talent sustained in the operations of the company. Having a referral program is also important because it helps companies to get potential employees out there who can make a difference in running the affairs of a company. Nevertheless, a company needs to make sure that all the necessary factors are put in place to make employees happy.

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The Experience of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a Solicitor, Barrister and known as an authority of international comparative constitutional law. He has been an advisor to governance, constitution building and the rule of law in many countries and lectured in 30 countries. He has helped during ceasefires or political tension. He has a vast field experience including political violence, helping multi-party dialogues and training civil servants.

Sujit Choudhry founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The company supports constitutional building by generating and mobilizing knowledge. They have over 50 experts in 25 countries. He has many articles, manuals, reports and book chapters published.

Sujit Choudhry is helping George Anderson to edit a collection of varied essays. The essay collection details territorial disputes and constitution building within 17 countries. The areas involved are diverse countries with multiple political parties, countries where politics is a secondary issue, small countries, bi-communal countries and politically salient regions. Some key examples the authors used include Spain, Ukraine, Kenya, Nepal and more.

The collection of varied essays have a realist tone to these issues of the various regions. It is written for scholars of various types of constitutional law. The final chapter draws conclusions from the case studies and research done on the subject. While Sujit Choudhry is helping George Anderson edit the collection, they have authored a companion paper that provides insights on the analysis of the essays.

George Anderson is the former deputy minister of Canada. He was also the CEO of the Forum of Federations and part of the Sandby Team of Experts at the UN Department of Political Affairs. He is a professor at Queen’s University Centre for Democracy. The Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is the name of this collection of varied essays and was made available on Amazon May 9th. The companion paper of the same name written by George Anderson and Sujit Choudhry was made available for download with it.

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Pushing For Greatness & Pursuing Excellence: The Academy of Art University

There are a high number of design and art schools around this great nation and many more that are scattered across the globe. San Francisco, California, just so happens to be the home for one of the very best and that school is known as Academy of Art University. Yes, this is a school for the arts, but it also prepares its students for careers in communications and design. Founded by Richard Stephens, Academy of Art University is rich in history and full of pride. Its campus is located in the heart of the city, but it maintains its quaint nature. There are well-over 12,600 students here as well as more than 280 full-time teachers. That’s right! In addition to that, the school has up to 1,154 part-time teachers.

New York Fashion Week was yet again another hit and for 2017, Academy of Art University well-represented itself. Just think about it, there are hours and hours of classes, hours of painstaking labor, hours of workshops and hours of internships that goes into just 15 minutes of stage time. You’ll find some of the most eccentric and flamboyant fashion attire here. Skylight Clarkson Square was where this school displayed its dominance. Twenty-one consecutive showings truly marks the consistency of the school’s effort to travel across country. There were 10 of the school’s recent graduates who put on an exquisite show. In totality, there were nine fashion lines on full-frontal display.

Another year has turned-out to be another winner. Academy of Art University is similar to other standard universities. It is a for-profit school, it has sporting events, it offers student clubs, and it provides plenty of graduate and undergraduate degrees. What more could you ask for? The school has produced many individuals that has gone on to work in Hollywood. These individuals have been a part of the movies Sully, Trolls, Deepwater Horizon, Blade Runner 2045, Kong, Disney’s Lou, Get Out and many more.

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A New Business Outlook with Bhanu Choudhrie

The modern world has been completely reformed compared to the times our ancestors lived in. Between an entirely new political, power balance, and economic battleground, the world conducts its transaction in a completely different manner than ever before. The core of shift has been the result of new technology. A lone individual from Delhi now has the ability to forge a completely new future for himself. The connected world is nothing like our ancestors could have ever imagined. A recent article on This is Money describes how Bhanu Choudhrie flourishes in this new economic climate.

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The journey from bottom of the social class to a 21st century innovator all began when a young Bhanu Choudhrie dreamed of making it big someday. His hometown was stable, but lacked any real possibility of advancement. This meant that he had go abroad to seek out opportunities for himself. Once he became old enough, he attended the University of Boston where he would study International Business and Marketing. He knew that this knowledge would be a valuable asset in a increasingly globalized world. Once his studies were completed, he took a short transition period where an internship with JP Morgan gave him the needed experience to go along with his degree.

At this point, the only thing left to do was launch a solo business somewhere in the world. Bhanu Choudhrie found London to be a promising spot due to its centralized location between the United States, Europe, and the middle east. This was the genesis of an investment firm named C&C Alpha Group Ltd. He explored the possibilities in every sector and came out having gained something from each attempt. Success or failure is irrelevant in his eyes, the most important factor is what you take away for the next idea. The successful locations under the name Bhanu Choudhrie where the results of countless trial and error.

By 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie had become a household name of the modern generation. He accepted the Entrepreneur of the Year award for how his innovate ideas where changing the lives of people all over the world.


Todd Levine, sticking out from the crowd

Todd Levine is a founding partner of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L law firm thatresides in Miami, Florida. He received his Juris Doctor degree from theUniversity of Florida, Levin College of Law, in 1991 and has been practicing lawsince. While he handles a wide range of cases, from commercial litigation tosports and entertainment for example, his area of expertise and passion resideswith commercial real estate cases. Todd Levine utilizes his enthusiasm for artand science into his work, believing that it gives him the upper hand in beingable to see his cases from multiple different angles.

 The Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.Llaw firm was recently recognized by The Best Lawyers in America© again fortheir hard work and dedication to the Miami community. Making the 2019 list ofbest lawyers, many lawyers within this law firm itself were recognized fortheir own individual achievements. Todd Levine was named along with two of his colleagues,Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan, for the Real Estate Litigation category. As the articlewent on to state the successes of each of the lawyers named on the list fromthis law firm, one cannot simply mill over this great achievement.

 The Best Lawyers in America© list is comprised of a 3-stepprosses that is strictly peer based and reviewed. Thousands of lawyers andleading professionals from all over the world voted who would be considered forthis list then it is narrowed down. How it is narrowed down is by the categoriesor areas of the expertise and then evaluated once more. Making this list is no easy task.

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Creating a Dynamic International Bridge

Mr. Sujit Choudhry has served in numerous capacities, one of which is writing and authorship of scholarly works that reflect cultural norms and mores. His latest work “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”, which he co-authored with writer George Anderson, aids in highlighting some of the political and economic turbulence which plagues numerous regions. These troubles can surface regardless of the region’s background, history, and present rulership. Instead, the clashes focus more upon governmental and geographical divides which are self-imposed along with those which may arise from interactions with neighboring nations or countries. As such, his article draws attention to the turbulence of these areas and how these issues may contribute to their socioeconomic standing from an international viewpoint. Choudhry’s article further demonstrates how constitutional rights and procedurals may be altered to adapt to these proceedings as necessary. Sujit Choudhry is no stranger to these proceedings. In his professional and personal experience, Mr. Choudhry has served as an expert in constitutional law and also has worked as a barrister and a political advisor in conjunction with public speaking engagements. His work on these ventures has aided in rebranding some entities with an increased focus on the needs of its citizens and how they may be expanded upon from a legal perspective. Additionally, his publications exemplify his broad knowledge base in these realms; volumes such as Constitution-Making mirror his extensive experience in these fields. He is particularly well-versed in the Canadian Constitution and its nuances, and he has further used this knowledge to facilitate court cases and procedurals at all levels, including those of the Supreme Court. His dealings with both local and global legalities and consequences have permitted him the opportunity to be an invaluable reference and resource for laypersons and for governments alike in building effective policies which can effectively benefit as many people as possible while successfully reconciling cases efficiently and capably

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Staffing Solutions With Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing in 2007. HCRC Staffing is a firm which provides for the staffing needs of legal firms, healthcare companies, and hospitals. HCRC staffing goals are to help fill job vacancies for the healthcare industry including dentists, chiropractors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and urgent care providers.

In addition to the legal and healthcare fields, HCRC helps companies fulfill many positions in office management as well as front desk receptionists, public relations and billing.

The goal of HCRC Staffing is to be able to find a qualified candidate to fill important job roles and duties in the healthcare field and legal companies within a period of 72 hours.

Employee turnover is the biggest employment challenge in the legal and healthcare fields. Dr. Brian Torchin founded HCRC to address this issue and assist companies in lessening the turnover rate.

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Dr. Torchin obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware. He then entered chiropractic medicine. At this time, Dr. Torchin noticed that many available jobs in the healthcare field were not being advertised. This was a problem not only for the industry that needed these workers but for the people looking for employment who were not aware of available positions. Therefore he decided to start HCRC staffing in order to assist the entire medical community. This company offers its services to people all over the world.

HCRC Staffing is utilized by over 200 companies and clients, assisting potential employees to locate employment in the legal and healthcare fields. HCRC Staffing operates globally. It has clients from Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Brian Torchin is very active on social media especially Facebook. His posts usually include information concerning HCRC Staffing and current positions that are available. He also has accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter.


HGGC, a middle-market focused private equity firm

Based in Palo Alto California, HGGC is a renowned private equity firm. The major firm focuses on growth capital investments and leveraged buyout transactions in middle-market companies. The company has undergone tremendous growth and transformation over the recent years. Currently, HGGC employs more than 60,000 employees. It has a record of $19 billion total transaction value, $4.3 billion cumulative capital commitments and 116 portfolio investments. This is attributed to the company’s management team which is made up of a team of seasoned professionals. The team boasts of unparalleled combined years of operational experience and dealings in the investment industry. Thus, they possess the greatest skill set and strategies in the work they do of pinpointing prospective middle-market companies and transforming them into economic giants in the competition-intensive business world.

HGGC seeks to fully align their interests with those of its partners to form a formidable business front for mutual profits. Every company that HGGC focuses on ends up out-performing the market. The firm primarily seeks to invest in the following sector; technology, software, healthcare, industrial services, manufacturing, business services, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and plenty more. Most of these investments are based in North America, but the firm is open to investing in any potentially growing companies on a global scale. The major types of investments that the firm considers include; platform investments, add-on acquisitions, growth equity, restructuring in middle-market, corporate carve-outs, among others.

HGGC has a unique business and investments portfolio with a proven track record of success. This is due to the advantaged investing model implemented by this firm. This is an investment model that fosters the development of strong multi-sector networks aligned together to drive greater positive outcomes. The other reason for this success is the focus of the company on middle-market companies only. In this regard, the company is highly distinguished for its ability to source and acquire highly scalable middle-market companies. The firm then utilizes the management’s skill sets to transform these companies into leading businesses in the market. Lastly, the partnership model between this firm and other companies is mutually beneficial and thus, motivates each party to focus on positive results.

The Power Of Failure

Alex Hern is one incredibly interesting person. His perspective on business, on how to be productive in business and on what to watch for is remarkable. In a recent interview, Mr. Hern was asked what the best money he had spent recently was and he responded that it was giving his daughter a loan to start a dog walking business. There is nothing greater than teaching a child the power of money, the value of money and in encouraging them to prepare a business plan to gain access to funds to finance that venture. It teaches them a whole new level of responsibility and respect for money.

Being successful in business hones a person’s vision in a way that only a process, riddled with the ever-so-valuable failure, could give them. Successful people have almost an algorithm in their heads that help them discover, across all sectors, how things could be done better. Mr. Alex Hern believes that, at this point, we have an empty space at the intersection of big data and accounting, and that some smart people who know about these two industries should fill that gap. Clearly Mr. Hern is not in accounting, but his great business mind helps him account for gaps in business processes across all industries. Successful people see so much, yet there is only so much they can do in the little time they have here.

Focusing is not as easy as it sounds. Many people think they can focus, but if connected to a machine for a day that gave results of the amount of time they were able to focus, every one of us would likely realize we could be doing more, and in some cases much more. Alex Hern, the cofounder of Tsunami, a computer graphics processing company focused on augmenting reality, said if he were to advise someone on reading one book, it would be “The One Thing.” The book helps readers to understand how powerful honing their focus can be.

He might also live by one quote, and this quote is something that most every person who eventually experiences success does live by, although perhaps unaware Winston Churchill put it into words for them. The quote is “success is not failure, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Without that sentiment, we would not have Microsoft, smart phones, hydroponics, ATMs and so many more things we have grown to love, Churchill’s words succinctly address how failures should galvanize.

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Jeunesse Global: A Unique Approach to a Youthful Mind and Skincare

Even though appearance isn’t everything, looking youthful can be a great way to feel younger. This can provide someone the motivation and energy to live a happier and more productive life. Innovative company Jeunesse has created products with many benefits to improve the mind while having radiant skin too.

AM & PM Essentials

Have peace of mind during the daytime with AM Essentials. A few essential vitamins included in the formula are vitamins A, C, D, E and K. Minerals such as magnesium, iodine, copper and selenium have also been added. Restoration can happen during the nighttime with PM Essentials. Many of the same ingredients are contained in this product including proprietary blends.


Luminesce is a dermatologist developed anti-aging skin care line devoted to smoothing out and maintaining youthful-looking skin. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles and bring a radiant glow to your skin care regimen. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin for a beautiful feeling inside and out.


It’s important to have a healthy body and mind as well. Mind is a dietary supplement with a mixture of clinically proven proteins and GABA, L-Theanine, CERA-Q and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine. Think more clearly with better concentration, memory and a higher attention span. Mind is clinically proven with a delightful lemon meringue taste to brighten your day and clear your head for health.


Finiti is an advanced product by Jeunesse with no artificial colors or preservatives. It’s made up of fruit and vegetable extracts like pomegranate, astragalus root, turmeric and mixed tocotrienols and tocopherol complex (palm fruits) among others. Ingredients it doesn’t contain are wheat, soy, dairy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or eggs.

About Jeunesse Global

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis came out of retirement to create the Jeunesse Global company to promote people to feel better about themselves by utilizing their product line. Everyone is encouraged to live an exceptional life no matter what anyone thinks of them. People who use their skin revitalizing products may be inspired to live longer, more successful lives without fear of judgment.