Chris Burch Bought And Renovated A Famous 1608 Senlis Property

Chris Burch is a known investor and the co-founder of the luxury brand Tory Burch. Being an entrepreneur, Bruch is also the founder and CEO of the Burch Creative Capital, which is based in New York. One of his dreams is to find the perfect house in Paris in which he and his family can enjoy the city of Paris. This was fulfilled when his friend, Marco Scarani and his partner Jamie Creel, took him to one of Senlis’ most famous landmark.

Marco Scarani and Jamie Creel decided to visit Senlis, which is a cobblestoned village, a few years ago. The village is outside Paris but is only an hour away via train. This is also the place where the 1608 Hotel Particulier is located and was on sale at the time. Scarani and Creel plan to take a look in the property for the purpose of buying it. However, they decided to decline because the renovation of the property will have a lot of work needed. In addition, the property is just too big for them. The one who was enticed for the property was Burch instead.

Hotel Particulier’s past can be seen through it’s interior and exterior designs. Styles from the 17th and 18th century, including the century floors, paneling, and beams, can still be seen. RIght after Burch made the purchase of the 10,000 sqft house, he hired Scarani to work with him in renovating it. Scarani and Burch already worked together in a project three years ago. At that time, it was Burch’s Nihi surf resort in Indonesia. Upon taking the Hotel Particulier task, Scarani seeks help for expert restorer Michel Pinet for the monuments historiques and Chateau de Versailles restoration.

The key purpose of the renovation is to make the house look like how it was 300 years ago, but with modern utilities and plumbing installed. The kitchen is also revamped, while the dining room houses Joseph Dufour’s 1805 Captain Cook set. The painting called “Tree of Life” was placed in Burch’s room because of its relaxing quality. Scarani also emphasizes that Burch is a man, and that is why there is no flower in his room. There are also Madeleine Castaing climbing-vine pattern which was from the 19th century. Patchy reworks and renovations that were done by previous owners also gave difficulties. So far, Chris Burch is happy on how the Hotel Particulier has turned out. His daughters loved it and now, he can say that she has something for her girls, as apparently, the surf resort on Nihi was loved by his sons.

HGGC, a middle-market focused private equity firm

Based in Palo Alto California, HGGC is a renowned private equity firm. The major firm focuses on growth capital investments and leveraged buyout transactions in middle-market companies. The company has undergone tremendous growth and transformation over the recent years. Currently, HGGC employs more than 60,000 employees. It has a record of $19 billion total transaction value, $4.3 billion cumulative capital commitments and 116 portfolio investments. This is attributed to the company’s management team which is made up of a team of seasoned professionals. The team boasts of unparalleled combined years of operational experience and dealings in the investment industry. Thus, they possess the greatest skill set and strategies in the work they do of pinpointing prospective middle-market companies and transforming them into economic giants in the competition-intensive business world.

HGGC seeks to fully align their interests with those of its partners to form a formidable business front for mutual profits. Every company that HGGC focuses on ends up out-performing the market. The firm primarily seeks to invest in the following sector; technology, software, healthcare, industrial services, manufacturing, business services, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and plenty more. Most of these investments are based in North America, but the firm is open to investing in any potentially growing companies on a global scale. The major types of investments that the firm considers include; platform investments, add-on acquisitions, growth equity, restructuring in middle-market, corporate carve-outs, among others.

HGGC has a unique business and investments portfolio with a proven track record of success. This is due to the advantaged investing model implemented by this firm. This is an investment model that fosters the development of strong multi-sector networks aligned together to drive greater positive outcomes. The other reason for this success is the focus of the company on middle-market companies only. In this regard, the company is highly distinguished for its ability to source and acquire highly scalable middle-market companies. The firm then utilizes the management’s skill sets to transform these companies into leading businesses in the market. Lastly, the partnership model between this firm and other companies is mutually beneficial and thus, motivates each party to focus on positive results.

Stream Energy: Always Stepping Up To Help Those In Need

Part of the culture at Stream Energy is to give back and support the local community. This company looks for ways in which they can help those in need. Every time there is a natural disaster. Steam Energy has been one of the first companies in the area to assist in helping damaged communities rebuild. One such disaster was after hurricane Harvey. This storm completely wiped out neighborhoods and people were lost their lives. Stream Energy was among the first companies in the region who took action to ensure the rebuilding efforts in the community were met. The company decided to add a new branch called Stream Cares. The branch was built in order to perform acts of philanthropy within the community.

It can pay off for a company to perform acts of philanthropy. It can help the company’s standing and will ensure that the general public has positive feelings for the company. It is often that when a company performs acts of philanthropy, they ensure that there is plenty of publicity surrounding the event. Doing so can help a company who is undergoing some very rough times. This could be economic hardships or trying to survive an incident that brought shame to the company. Corporations in America give loads of money yearly to a good number of different causes and charities throughout the counter.

Stream Energy has always believed in working with those in need locally. Many within the company feel that helping the homeless is one of the best ways to better the community and provide assistance to those who need it most. Stream Energy has been helping in an event called the Splash for Hope for a few years now. This is an event that helps homeless children in the community. The children are taken to a waterpark. Necessary goods and funds are given to the child’s family as well.

Stream Energy gave its support to veterans who were going through financial difficulties. It was an event called Operation Once in a Lifetime. The event was to not only give monetary assistance to the veterans and their families but to get them the transportation they needed to get to a restaurant and enjoy a meal together.