Challenges Facing Rocketship Education

Across the country, schools everywhere are grappling with integral questions regarding classroom management, technology use, and resource allocation. Educators, parents, and even politician agree that the education of the nation’s young people is a high priority, but exactly how schools should accomplish this is a hotly contested debate. Recently, Rocketship Education came under fire. See the whole story in details in this article.

The first point of contention is classroom management. Once, again, everyone can agree that rules and routines are a necessary part of success for a student. But where is the line between an orderly classroom and a militant one? While Rocketship Education as well as charter schools all over try to keep a balance, that carefully crafted symmetry is in perpetual flux. This problem can only be addressed at a classroom level, and it requires teachers and other staff members to carefully consider their own biases and self-improvement for the benefit of the students.

Increasingly, parents are becoming concerned about children and screen time. But with the rate technology is incorporated into the workplace, technology is quickly becoming a thing school cannot ignore. At Rocketship Education, students work in small groups on a rotation that allows for both technology experience and teacher interaction. Again, the balancing act is in the implementation and how long children are working with the software. Regardless, it is a challenge faced by all schools.

And finally, there is the challenge of staff allocation. Which students deserve the attention of a teacher or staff member. Should more resources be paid on struggling students or more successful ones? Can non-certified teachers or software be used to help ease the burden placed on teachers? The education of a single student is highly personal and a single policy will not be sufficient for each and every student. These are difficult and complicated questions that each school should be asked, not just Rocketship Education. Parents, educators, and policymakers owe children in every school careful consideration and equally careful action.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools focused on under served neighborhoods across the United States.

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Victoria Doramus’ Hand of Freewill Giving

Victoria Doramus can best be described as a woman with a heart of gold; to her, it’s better to give than to receive. She inherently has a desire to help others, salvage people, animals and the environment from a bad situation and make the world small heaven to live. Her zeal has made her dedicate her time and resources to charitable courses in America, and this has undoubtedly been appreciated.

Professionally, she is a recovery expert who has been helping many people around the world get back to their purposes or realign their lives altogether if they had derailed. She is a partner with The Amy Winehouse Foundation that was established following the untimely death of the 27-year-old singer and songwriter who succumbed to alcohol poisoning. The foundation supports those hauling in drug and alcohol abuse, educating them on the risks, avoidance and offers support to those struggling with it. Victoria Doramus has sought from Monte Lipman, Rapper Nas and Dj Mark Ronson among other celebrities to campaign against this odd under the Resilience Program launched in 2013.

Elsewhere, Victoria Doramus is also running the Room to Read Organization that advocates for literacy and child education with the motto, world change starts with educated children. It is a not-for-profit organization that supports education on children across all genders. Over 1500 schools have benefitted from the project in Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh among other countries. This has been done through the provision of reading materials and books and revamping of schools’ libraries.

About Victoria Doramus

She is a philanthropist and a very selfless person. She has lobbied for support, organized for campaign rallies, created awareness and many other things of mutual interest. She has entirely dedicated her life into service for humanity. She has been a partner with Best Friends Animal Society, the Women’s Prison Association, Room to Read project and the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Through these non-profit organizations and projects she has been able to do holistic activities from environmental preservation, animal care, education, supporting the underprivileged and disadvantaged as well as giving hope. Her contribution to humanity is global as she has set foot on projects across the world.

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