Nitin Khanna’s Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Portland-based Indian entrepreneur Nitin Khanna is the CEO and Founder of MergerTech, an advisory firm about tech mergers and acquisitions. Before MergerTech, Khanna is one of the co-founders of Saber Corp until he decided to sell it to EDS, where he became the leader in Government Business Operations. After EDS was purchased by HP, he decided to invest in companies for two to three years and learned more about entrepreneurship and M&A. Exposed in the entrepreneurship industry, Khanna gave his two pieces of advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

The first advice from Nitin Khanna is the classic yet inspirational “know thyself”. According to him, in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, a person must know everything about himself; his strengths as well as his weaknesses. It is important to measure own ability in order to know the area that needs improvement or help. Being an entrepreneur is not about doing everything and knowing everything in business.

An entrepreneur must measure himself and be honest about what he can or cannot do. In addition, the crab mentality in startups should also be avoided. Nitin Khanna mentioned how every aspiring entrepreneur thinks that his idea is the next big thing. In reality, there are a lot of startups which will eventually fail and only a handful becomes successful. It is important to accept that creating ideas are sometimes not for entrepreneurs. Instead, managing people, time and resources are tasks meant for them.

Nitin Khanna’s second advice is to fire people quickly. It is a good human nature for some to give second chances. However, in businesses and startups, firing bad employees will be better for the company, especially if a second chance is given but ignored. Khanna explained that bad employees can drag down others around them. However, he also explained that not all bad employee is a bad person. Instead, the company environment might not be a good fit for them.

When firing an employee, a leader should always emphasize respect. Nitin Khanna also emphasized that a focus on hiring as well as terminating should be given. That’s the best advice that Khanna can give for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Marc Beer support for healthcare facilities

Renovia Inc. is a recently established institution which was co-owned by Marc Beer; aiming at providing brand new goods for pelvic floor disabled after sealing a contract of $42 million. The institution is located in Boston where the MedTech firm is improving on several diagnostic therapeutic goods to cure the disorders such as urinary incontinence.


There is a statistic that indicated over 250 million women are suffering from the illness globally. The firm’s initial good, Leva, got their FDA approval in April to continue with their operations. The Longwood fund which is health facility dedicated to assisting Renovia and joined Serie B round. According to the contractual agreement, the donations made will go to generate and evaluate diagnostic goods including a new transformation of the leva device. The institution is enticed by the way supporters stick by the demand of their products and enhance the matters of millions suffering from the pelvic disorder.


By combining the creativity and proprietary detector technologies, the clients will have an active role of data to create a new cure for the illnesses. In addition, they will gather more information and meditate the pelvic floor disorders and likely lead to low facilities in the future. The prices of the equipment are likely to lower making it economical for the low-level income. Recently, Mark Beer performed his duties as a strategic consultant to Ovascience. The Waltham biotech presented this month that there is likely to be a partnership between them and Michigan therapeutic in Millendo.


Marc Beer has had 25 years of experience in the industry making him a better person to hold management positions in the health sector. During April 2000, he was handed over the position of becoming the founding father of Viacell. While still serving at this firm, he also participated in other roles like being a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma. It is a publicly owned firm that offers biopharmaceutical services only. This is a biotechnology firm which focuses on collection, preservation, and improvement of the umbilical cord blood stem cells. Under his leadership, there were many advancements in the firm such as the firm growing its number of employees to 300 and it was made public two years ahead. After two years, the institution was sold out due to its rapid growth in the business.


Marc Beer graduated with a BS from Miami University. This is where he got most of his expertise and specialist in order to perform his duties accordingly. He has been able to manage different positions in different sectors such as the Vice President of Global Marketing. In this sector, his mandate was to manage the commercial launch of several goods which outlined the few illnesses populations on a worldwide extent. Learn more:

Alex Pall and Pleasing Interior Design

Alex Pall’s penchant for residential properties that integrate many diverse architectural vibes makes full sense. He’s a musician who has gotten great acclaim due to his mixing talents, after all. Pall is a member of a widely known musical duo that’s called The Chainsmokers. The act is so renowned that it’s actually racked up Grammy awards. He purchased a residence located in the Hollywood Hills in 2016 or so. It was constructed all the way back in the thirties as well. There are so many things that make this living space fresh, distinctive and memorable. It has stone fireplaces that contribute to feelings of serenity and ease. It has slate floors that are an amazing marriage of resilient and contemporary.

Majestic AF

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Who is the secret behind Pall’s home’s charm? The secret happens to be an interior designer who is based in New York, New York. That interior designer is named Peti Lau. Lau is an international presence in the vast world of interior design. She’s revamped residential properties the planet over. She’s done so in San Francisco, California. She’s done the same thing all the way in Southeastern Asia in Thailand, too. People refer to her approach as “AristoFreak.” That nickname says it all for her. It’s characterized by her fondness of global concepts, relaxation and much more.

Pall did a little bit to the home prior to Lau getting her hands on it for design purposes. He put wallpaper in the home, first and foremost. This wallpaper was memorable due to the fact that it had a vibe that was reminiscent of nature and the outdoors. He put an eye-catching couch in the living room as well. It was made out of velvet and was a striking orange color.

Pall is a well-rounded man who grasps the strength of top-tier interior design. He’s also a music aficionado who has a zeal for all kinds of fascinating tastes and preferences. Sonic concepts don’t frighten him in any way. Music is something that basically feels as normal as breathing to him. He worked as a DJ back when he was a lot longer.

The Chainsmokers Are On Top, Who Said Smoking Is Bad?

The Chainsmokers are a Dj and production team by the names of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. This group was formed in 2012, and they specialize in making music of the genres EDM, pop, and electro pop. Although they had a few major hits prior, the song “Don’t Let Me Down” was the first to reach the top five on the Billboard 100 list. This song really solidified their relevance in the music industry, and it didn’t hurt that they also won a Grammy Award for best dance recording. Not long after, The Chainsmokers finally reached number one on the charts with the song “Closer”. Adding to their resume, they have also won five IHEARTRADIO Awards, and two American Music Awards. In April of 2017, The Chainsmokers released their debut album, “Memories…Do not open”, which is now the third longest running number one album on the Dance Chart. Their album has been at number for 34 weeks now, tying with Gorillaz’s “Demon Days.” Mind you, this album has been going strong for over a year now. What is really surprising about Pall and Taggart is their reaction to being number one. Most people in their position of being very successful have a tendency to become arrogant or cocky. In the video of their reaction to being on top of the Billboard’s again, they just expressed how grateful they were to receive such high praise, and how hard they fought to get into the position they are in. Their humble character was on full display, which makes you fall in love with them even more.

Since the Chainsmokers have stepped on the scene, it seems like they have hit the ground running and have no plans of turning back or slowing down. Fans of music are witnessing one of the greatest musical groups ever to grace a stage. So pay attention, this is history in the making.

Graeme Holm Helped To Build Infinity Group Australia To Help Australians Pay Down Their Debts Quicker

When Graeme Holm noticed there was a gap in services in Australia that focused on helping people to get out of debt quicker by paying down their mortgage, he got together with his business partner Rebecca Walker to come up with a business plan. The year was 2013, and after looking deeply into the subject, Walker and himself learned that Australian families were failing due to not having any support, guidance from experts, or any kind of continuing services that could help them. Holm felt like the Australian banking industry was letting down the good people in the country, and decided to do something about that.


Without missing a beat, Graeme Holm helped to build Infinity Group Australia, and, today, he serves as its director. Holm has close to a decade of experience working with the Big Four and has seen Infinity Group grow to offer services in Cronulla, Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, and Bella Vista. He is fully aware that many Australians are struggling to just get by and that this makes it very difficult for them to pay off a 30-year mortgage term. The services offered by his company have helped many Australians to reduce their debt. Infinity Group also works to help its clients create wealth, invest in real estate, and plan for their retirement and provides an ongoing experience that can’t be found anywhere else.


Graeme Holm has been a part of the efforts of Infinity Group Australia that have helped clients to eliminate $41,000 of debt on average within just one year. Every single client that the company serves pays more off of their home loan within a 90 day period than they did within a single year before coming to them. Infinity Group provides a thorough look at a family’s budget to discover where changes can be made, and the company meets with its clients multiple times to help them put together a weekly budget that is based on cash versus credit. Infinity Group picks up where loan operators leave off, and their clients get a personal banker to help them focus on repaying their debt as quick as possible.


Graeme Holm has been serving in the financial services industry for close to 20 years. He is accredited in the real estate, financial planning, and finance sectors and decided to change course after feeling frustrated with the offerings from the Big Four banking environment. What truly disturbed him was when he found out about how bad Australian families were being treated by financial institutions. Instead of staying bothered and upset, he decided to do something about it. He thinks of his company and himself as a personal trainer for people’s financial lives and works with his clients to help them understand the importance of changing the way they look at their money and how they manage it. He discovered, early on, that the main ingredient missing in most Australian’s financial vocabulary was the knowledge to help them understand how to reduce their debt through living within their means.

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